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Amol Kadam


Amol is a co-founder of RBBI– the region’s first, User Experience (UX) & Usability consultancy. RBBi is operating in Dubai since 2011.

Amol has been designing digital platforms for the last 25 years. He is a widely accepted UX & Service Design evangelist, speaker, startup mentor, and guest writer in many leading publications. He is also a speaker at conferences internationally. He has been consulting many regional startups and founders about growth and product packaging.

Amol has been speaking and conducting workshops for organizations such as Dubai Future Foundations, GITEX, MiddleSex University, UAE Government, and AstroLabs for many years. His workshops have been focused on Human Experience, Design Thinking mindset, and making organizations and people more customer-centric.

Amol also teaches design as a guest lecturer at 3 different universities in the UAE and Asia.


Making UX/UI with AI

In this talk, we delve into the dynamic realm where human creativity meets the potential of Artificial Intelligence. There are 3 aspects to this talk – UX using AI, Doing UX for AI, and how AI will transform us once again and make us focus on things that really matter. We will also debate how AI is going to be a blessing or a curse for the industry…


Why design thinking is still relevant in the age of AI (3-4 hours)

  • November 23, 2023 at 10:00
  • Estonian Academy of Arts, Põhja puiestee 7 (room D306), Tallinn, Estonia

As AI continues its transformative ascent, many professions, including design, are in its wake. How can design thinkers stay not only relevant but pioneering in such an AI-dominated landscape?

In this workshop, we’ll delve deep into:

• The undeniable influence of AI on contemporary professions and tasks, and how designers are no exception.
• A comprehensive exploration of the evolving intersections between AI and design thinking, pinpointing the subtle shifts and grand overhauls in our methods and processes.
• Visioning the future: Charting the trajectory of design thinking in an increasingly AI-centric world.
Join us to discern how to harness the power of AI while preserving and innovating the essence of design thinking.

You will learn:

  • Fun but very insightful details about Design Thinking.
  • Many nuances of the design thinking process from needs to insights to solutions.
  • Understand how, we will be able to add the flavor of the decade, AI to the mix.
  • Debate and know what every UXer needs to undergo as a change to survive in this new era.
  • Why Design Thinking will still be relevant.

Why participate?

  • Design Thinking is at the core of UX and AI is changing the way we look at both.
  • It’s the biggest revolution that has happened in the field after mobile (maybe even bigger than that).
  • You can hate AI or like it but you can’t ignore it.
  • The more we talk about it and discuss it, the more we will be ready for it.

More about the workshop:

  • Workshop length – half-day
  • Participation possible – on-site
  • A mix of group activity and lecture
  • Maximum participants at the workshop – 20-25


264€ with VAT