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World Usability Day
Estonia 2020

World Usability Day 2020 Estonia in 23rd till 27th November

World Usability Day Estonia is the first conference for User Experience professionals & the largest UX-, web- and interaction design event in the Baltics. This year is going to be a bit different but as amazing as always!



We will have a full week of 23.11  – 27.11 dedicated to World Usability Day with talks and workshops happening every day. All of this will be ONLINE.  Stay tuned for speakers, workshops and tickets. New information will be added weekly!


Jane Ruffino

A content designer, UX writer and strategist

Making the words happen: how to integrate UX writing into your work

Mischa Coster

A consultant and researcher of mediapsychology and persuasion

Hegle Sarapuu-Johanson

Chief Experience Officer @ Trinidad Wiseman

Automated Usability Error Recognition Throuh Web Statistics

Andreas Komninos

Researcher in Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing

Making mobile notifications useful, usable and used

Joanna Agata Rutkowska

Design researcher

Vanessa Mateus

Senior Product Designer @ Pipedrive

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Jane Ruffino

Jane Ruffino

A content designer, UX writer and strategist

Jane Ruffino is a content designer, UX writer, strategist, and researcher based in Stockholm, Sweden. She’s been writing for digital platforms since the 1990s, and her professional experience includes documentary production, journalism, content strategy, adult education, and design practice. Jane is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator at conferences and events around Europe, and she’s completing her doctorate in the archaeology of digital worlds at Södertörn University in Stockholm.

Talk: Making the words happen: how to integrate UX writing into your work

By now, you’ve probably heard of UX writing, the practice of designing with language. If you’ve tried it yourself, or you’ve worked with writers, you’ll know you can’t just add a writer and stir; it’s an entirely separate (but related) competence. Integrating it into your work is easier said than done, starting with convincing budget holders of its value. In this talk, you’ll get an overview of UX writing, some best (and not-best) practices, and some strong, succinct arguments you can take to decision makers in your organization.

Workshop: Getting the words in there: UX writing workshop

Everyone is responsible for the user experience of a product, and that goes for the language, too. In this workshop, you’ll get the foundational knowledge and hands-on skills to understand, define, and actually implement product content. Whether you’re a writer who wants some new frameworks and methods, or you’re a designer, product manager, or developer who keeps getting stuck ‘doing the copy,’ you’ll come away with actionable skills you can use, alone or with your team.

You’ll learn:

  • Why and how language matters in a service
  • To define content needs and make decisions
  • How to work with colleagues and stakeholders on product language
  • Skills for writing solid, user-focused content
Mischa Coster

Mischa Coster

A consultant and researcher of mediapsychology and persuasion

Mischa Coster MA MSc is a consultant, researcher and public speaker in the area of mediapsychology and persuasion. "I change how people see things" is his personal slogan. He does this by applying evidence-based and theory-inspired psychological tactics. Mischa comes highly recommended by dr. Robert Cialdini, thé international expert-scientist in consumer psychology and persuasion.

Mischa has been consulting for clients as an independent mediapsychologist (he holds two masters degrees; one in Psychology and one in European Multimedia) for over 15 years. His strong knowledge of psychological persuasion techniques, choice architecture and online (social) marketing and communication, combined with a broad experience in business consulting, make him a valued allround international public speaker and consultant on the subject. Not afraid to go in-depth or off-topic, always interactive with a strong focus on content, presentation and adding value for the audience or client.

As co-founder and director of consulting at Grey Matters, Mischa loves to work on multidisciplinary behavior change projects. Mischa founded Grey Matters with his business partner William Rice in 2009, putting focus on applied psychology. "Insight, Intervention, Inspiration" is what Grey Matters offers. Clients include various profit (T-Mobile, Rabobank, SNSREAAL, rockstart, Capgemini, Tribal, Mirabeau, Samsung, Linkedin, RTL, Rotterdam The Hague Airport eg), government (CAK, nearly all ministries) and nonprofit (NIMA, NISB, GGD eg) organizations. Mischa is also co-founder of TEDxUtrecht, Social Media Club Utrecht and expert member of the Brand Boardroom.

Hegle Sarapuu-Johanson

Hegle Sarapuu-Johanson

Chief Experience Officer @ Trinidad Wiseman

Hegle is a consultant and a teacher of user experience methodologies, accessibility, and interaction design. She is co-founder of the Trinidad Wiseman - a service design and digital transformation company. She has over 20 years of experience in UX, service design and information technology with skills and experience across the full project lifecycle. Recent years Hegle has been mostly involved fast growing design team and innovation management.

Talk: Automated Usability Error Recognition Throuh Web Statistics

Andreas Komninos

Andreas Komninos

Researcher in Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing

Born in Patras, Greece in 1979. I went to school at the Patras' University Experimental School and, in 1996, left Greece for Glasgow, Scotland. There, I studied at Glasgow Caledonian University and obtained my B.Sc. Honours (Sandwich) in Computer Studies, in 2001. I continued as a doctoral student at the University of Strathclyde and obtained my Ph.D. (Internet Content Pre-Caching for Mobile Devices) from the Department of Computer & Information Sciences. Dr. Mark Dunlop was my supervisor.

After my education, I was offered a lectureship at Glasgow Caledonian University, where I mainly taught the subject of Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing from 2005 until 2013. While there, I set up and co-directed the Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing Research Group, together with my colleague and friend, Peter Barrie. I left Glasgow Caledonian in 2013 to go back to Strathclyde, where worked as a researcher at the Mobiquitous Lab between 2013-17.

In between these main employment activities, I have taught as an associate professor at the Hellenic Open University (M.Sc. Engineering of Pervasive Systems) since 2010, set up and ran my own systems consultancy company in Patras (Noemon Consultants) since 2005, taught at the University of Patras Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics since 2011 and the Technological Educational Institute of Patras (2010-11 and 2017-19). I have also worked as a course writer-editor at the Interaction Design Foundation (2017).

Currently I am a tenured assistant professor at the University of Patras Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics. I also work as a senior researcher at the Computer Technology Institute and the Industrial Systems Institute. I am a Chartered Engineer of the UK Engineering Council and also a Chartered IT Professional and Member of the British Computer Society.

Talk: Making mobile notifications useful, usable and used

Users receive dozens, if not hundreds of notifications on their mobiles every day. They are an annoyance, yet we also can’t live without them. How do users feel about incoming notifications? How do they manage them? What are the best design strategies for content and delivery options? In this talk we will discuss some recent findings from research into mobile notifications, with the aim to help you understand how to make your app’s notifications useful, usable and used.

Joanna Agata Rutkowska

Joanna Agata Rutkowska

Design researcher

Information Technology graduate and a design researcher. Her urge to make technology more humane turned her into a career in design. As part of her Ph.D. studies at Tallinn University in Estonia, she is conducting research on service design entitled “Actionable service design deliverables.”

She is the author of numerous scientific publications in the field of service design and design methods. Member of IDEO U Community of Practice, a group of practitioners who, under the patronage of IDEO, develop their competences in the area of creative leadership.

Since 2013 she co-creates the report “User Experience and Product Design in Poland”. In 2020, she debuted as a curator of the exhibition Data are emotions. Emotions are data. at Gdynia Design Days (GDD) in Poland.

Vanessa Mateus

Vanessa Mateus

Senior Product Designer @ Pipedrive

Vee is an enthusiastic Senior Product Designer with +10 years experience, currently a Senior Product Designer at Pipedrive (Lisbon HQ), she’s also worked as a freelance on a per-project basis with private clients such as startups and other business owners in need of Design services. Previously she worked at the global design agency Idean (based in London) and prior to that at AllofUs (London), working with clients such as Yale University and Google Paris. And before working in an agency setting, she worked for 4 years at Hive Home by Centrica, lead and implemented an in-house Design Team and helped to shape a truly design-led Product, which was one of her most important career challenges. She enjoys seeing other designers thrive and grow their skillset and career.

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