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Privacy policy

At Eesti Inimese-Arvuti Interaktsiooni Selts (ESTCHI), we take information security very seriously.

From our privacy policy, you can learn about the data we gather at World Usability Day Estonia ( ) regarding personal data, what we use this data for and who can access the said data.

Company responsible for processing personal data is Eesti Inimese-Arvuti Interaktsiooni Selts (ESTCHI) (registry code 80567382), located at Narva mnt 25, 10120, Tallinn, Estonia. Contact number is +372 63 11 111 and e-mail

ESTCHI is transferring necessary personal data to make payments to responsible processor of Fienta Ticketing OÜ.


ESTCHI shall collect the following types of personal data:

  • personal data given to ESTCHI by the data subject (name, e-mail address, phone number, company/university, position/student number).
  • personal data made clearly public by the data subject (e.g., in social media).
  • personal data received from third persons.
  • ESTCHI has the right to film, photograph and sound record all attendees at WUD conference.



  • ESTCHI processes personal data only by consent of the data subject or by law.
  • By consent, ESTCHI processes personal data exactly within the limits, scope and purposes specified by the data subject. As regards consents, ESTCHI acts are based on the principle that each consent must be clearly distinguishable from other questions, in an understandable and easily accessible form, in a plain and simple language. The data subject gives consent by ticking the box on the website.
  • personal data received from third persons.
  • ESTCHI collects personal data to deliver purchases and identify ticket owners.
  • E-mail is used to deliver tickets and news related to World Usability Day.
  • Name is used to identify ticket holders.
  • Phone number is used (if given voluntarily by the subject), to contact subject in case he/she is not reachable through email and important information regarding the event is needed to pass on to the subject.
  • Company and position (if given voluntarily by the subject) are used to print on badge and to analyze who attended the event, to improve the lineup in the future. If subject does not wish their name, company name and/or position to appear on your conference badge, he/she should contact
  • University and student number are used to identify if the subject qualified for student discount.
  • Subjects network parameters are used to conduct statistical analysis regarding from where, when and how long did subjects stay at the site.


ESTCHI cooperates with persons to whom the company may transfer data relating to data subjects, including personal data, in the framework and for the purpose of cooperation.

These third persons may be, for example IT partners, bookkeeper, service providers for debt collection, payment failure registries, institutions and organizations, provided that:

  • their purpose and the processing are legal;
  • personal data processing is carried out in accordance with ESTCHI’s instructions and under a valid contract.


ESTCHI shall store personal data only for the strict minimum necessary time. Personal data, the expiry date of which has passed, will be destroyed, using best practices and in accordance with the procedures established by ESTCHI.

Access to personal data is only for people involved in organizing the event (both IT and coordinators), to pass on relevant information regarding the event to the subjects, print badges and organize subjects to workshops.


Rights related to the consent:

  • The consent to allow the processing of personal data may be withdrawn by the data subject at any time.

As regards the processing of personal data, the data subject also has the following rights:

  • The right to receive information, or the right of the data subject to obtain information about personal data collected on them.
  • The right to demand the correction of inaccurate data.
  • The right to delete data, that is, in a certain case, the data subject has the right to require that personal data be deleted, for example, if processing is done only on the basis of their consent.

Within a year after the event, all personal data will be deleted, except in a situation when it is needed for bookkeeping or resolving a dispute.

Data that is needed for bookkeeping is saved for 7 years.

General, unpersonalized, data about who attended the event (job positions, companies) is kept as statistical information regarding this year’s event,if you wish to opt out, please send email to:



ESTCHI has the right to unilaterally change this privacy policy. ESTCHI will inform the data subjects on the changes on the website We assume that if you start using events website, you have agreed to the privacy policy and agreed to its terms and conditions.


About the cookies used on our websites

Like most companies, we gather data about our websites regarding visitor numbers and habits, and use cookies to measure use statistics, which allows us to analyse the user experience of our web channels.

Cookies are used on pretty much every website today. These are small files that are saved to your computer and let the service provider know what they can do to offer better and more comfortable experiences.

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Server logs

The server that hosts our websites might record queries that you make to the server (the link that is opened, the browser that is used as well as device, IP-address, access time etc.) This data is used only for technical purposes to ensure the full functionality and security of our website as well as investigate any possible security incidents.


In case you have any questions or problems regarding how personal data is being managed, please contact