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Anastasia Schebrova

Chief Experience Officer at UXPressia

Anastasia is passionate about UX and music. She is responsible for end-to-end experience of UXPressia users. In the past she used to be a UX trainer. In the free time she plays and signs in her own music band.


Faces of customer journey mappers: creating personas for CJM software

As a team developing customer journey mapping software, we have a unique chance to engage with hundreds of journey mappers from all over the world on a daily basis. We’ve heard hundreds of stories and, we’ve seen thousands of customer journey maps. All of that gave us all resources to develop and validate Personas, describing different “mapper” types. We’ll tell how we created Personas step by step, what we based on, how we incorporated part of Personas validation into product onboarding, what insights we discovered and how this knowledge changed our product (and affected our team).

This talk will be interesting to everyone who always wanted to start using Personas but didn’t know how to do it or whether it was worth it. On top of that if you are building customer journey maps, chances are you’ll recognize yourself in our Personas and learn what differs you from other mappers.