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Ben Sauer

Product and design leader, author, and speaker

Ben Sauer is a product and design leader, author, and speaker. He worked at Clearleft and Babylon Health, and advised organisations like the BBC, Pearson, Tesco, and TCS in how to raise their product game.

His most recent book is ‘Death by Screens: how to present high-stakes digital design work and live to tell the tale’, and he’s trained designers around the world in methods from the book.

Teams at Amazon and the BBC have used his methods of conversation design, and through O’Reilly, he’s trained folks at NASA.

His new book, out now!

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Always Be Creating Clarity: Daily Habits for Strategic Storytellers

The secret of gaining strategic influence isn’t what you say about design, it’s the story around it. From mindful metaphors to hard-hitting headlines, Ben will share some of the skills you need to become an engaging, clear communicator, taken from his book Death by Screens, how to present high-stakes digital design work and live to tell the tale.


Know Your ABCC: Always Be Creating Clarity – A Workshop for Strategic Storytellers (7h)

Turn your team into persuasive advocates within your organisation.
You know this moment: you’re explaining an important issue to the bosses. But you get lost in the details, you’re talking too much… you get the feeling they’re listening but not understanding. All you get back is blank stares!

Let’s turn that confusing mess into clarity with habits, not theory. Come learn the ABCC’s of strategic storytelling, and start influencing hearts and minds.

  • Engage and explain with attention-grabbing stories
  • Create well-structured communication that makes people listen, not shrug
  • Craft headline statements so memorable, people will repeat them back to you
  • Turn key points into narratives and metaphors for faster understanding

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Duration of the workshop: full-day for teams.

Maximum number of participants: 30