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Daniel Kotsjuba

Designer of Public Services at Estonian Public Sector Innovation Team

Daniel is a dedicated Inclusive Design practitioner and promoter. He has been a guest lecturer in Estonian Academy of Arts Design Faculty and organising student competition UNILAB – Estonian Universal Design Incubator. He is currently working in Estonian Public Sector Innovation Team, to help design user friendly and human-centered public services.


Imagining the world after Accessibility

Let’s imagine for a second that we’ve reached an era where we’ve managed to implement all the digital and physical accessibility requirements everywhere in the world. Where do we go from there? When it’s no longer necessary to meet basic human rights, we can start focusing on what moves and touches our hearts, what truly makes us excited.

In my talk I’m bringing forth examples of different contemporary works that are already thinking past guidelines and requirements. Even more, accessibility cannot be met with only focusing on codes and measurements. The only way to meet the “New World Criteria” is to look past requirements and learn from and with the real people. This creates an opportunity to get inspiration from the connection with a fellow human being and develop new and clever solutions to everyday phenomenon that we all can benefit from.