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Darja Prants

WUD host,
Service and User Experience Designer, Teacher, Team Leader at Trinidad Wiseman

Darja is a Service and User Experience Designer, Teacher, and Team Leader with 17 years of experience in the design field. Her career began as a graphic designer, evolving into roles as a user experience designer, project manager, and lecturer in motion design. Her skill set includes designing for print and digital media, user research, prototyping, designin completely new digital services and conducting workshops both in-person and online. Currently, she focuses on user experience and the human and environmental aspects of design. She leads a team skilled in exploring user needs, prototyping and testing new ideas, and creating visual identities.



Designing Public Services Based on Life Events

Nearly all public services revolve around life events. But different institutions offer services for different life events. In this talk, we will discuss how we can design public sector services in such a way that they support users’ life events and are simple and easy to use. We will talk about what event-based services are, why we need them, and what kind of problems services like this could help resolve. We will show an example of how one life event could be redesigned and we will also introduce how you can get started with designing event-based services.