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Emily Hinks

Founder / Chief Creative Officer of Mischief Makers

Emily founded the Facilitation Agency, Mischief Makers. They are a mischievous facilitation agency focused on collaborative working and the power of creativity. From team development, to idea generation, to co-creation with clients and users.


The power of Creative Confidence

Creativity is one of the most in demand skills of tomorrow. It’s no longer something reserved for the artistic elite, from painters to poets and writers – but rather a gift that everyone can develop. This talk explores how to cultivate creativity, how to recognise it, and strengthen it. We’ll explore how nurturing creativity can foster innovation, empower individuals an be used as superpower to jet fuel change.


Collaborative Creativity

This workshop is at it’s heart an idea generation training.

We’ll look at how to kick off or spark creativity, then use tools and techniques to turn that inspiration into tangible, developed ideas.

We’ll run through the creative process, exploring the power of collaborative creativity; how when and where to bring in every voice in the room in an effective, efficient and engaging way.

It’s for anyone who believes there workplace would benefit from practicing how to collaborate more. Potentially (though not limited to) people within the creative industry – from Creative Agencies to Design / innovation studios – to schools.

The outcomes will be tools and techniques for collaborative idea generation and development.