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Helen Susan Selirand

Strategic Designer,
Trinidad Wiseman

Helen Susan is a seasoned strategic and service designer, leading complex design projects in private and public sectors at Trinidad Wiseman. She has led digital design teams from strategic ideation to development and implementation.

Helen Susan’s multidisciplinary design background (BA in Textile design, experiences in trend forecasting and physical product design) before entering the world of digital products and services allows her to blend design approaches effortlessly.

She holds a Master’s degree (cum laude) in the field (Design and Technology Futures), mentors businesses in service design, is a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Art in user-centred design and is one of the core experts in design methodology at Trinidad Wiseman.


How to Hold onto Brand Identity in User-Centered Design: Why It Matters

Navigating the complex design landscape, from user-centred principles to ethical guidelines and usability standards, often feels daunting. The added challenge of incorporating brand identity, values, sustainability commitments, and more into our designs can appear overwhelming. But what if achieving this harmony is more within our grasp than it initially appears? I invite you with me to explore the vital connection between user-centred design and brand identity, uncovering not only its feasibility but also its importance for your success in the design world.