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J.Margus Klaar

Service designer, strategist at Brand Manual

Margus is a founding partner of Brand Manual, an international service design and branding agency. He is a strategist and service designer responsible for the continuous development of the processes and tools of service design that Brand Manual applies daily to client projects. He is a frequent speaker at national and international branding and service design conferences as well as a lecturer at schools and universities.

He has published numerous articles on the subject of branding and service design both in the press and on the Brand Manual blog and is the author of the book “How to have your cake and eat it too – an introduction to service design”. He has experience working with clients from biotech to health-tech and from insurance to breweries. In the past few years he has focused on helping to solve wicked problems in the public sector, such as childhood obesity or the challenges faced by special needs students in vocational education.


Mental health, weak signals, learning analytics

The number of young people suffering from mental stress is increasing. Symptoms related to this mental stress is often unrecognised until the situation, in some form, boils over. For parents this often comes as a surprise because they are looking at an example of one, and have no way to discern it. The educational system is, however, perfectly placed to compare multiple data points, to distinguish between what is normal for a person and what would indicate a potential problem in the making.

Margus’ talk will focus on two cases in vocational education that Brand Manual has worked with over the past few years, the case for learning analytics and what a comprehensive data-driven analytics program could potentially achieve, for the benefit of students, parents, schools and the state.