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Jaak Sarv

CEO / Co-Founder at Geneto

Jaak has 20 years of experience in the software and data science industry. He founded Geneto as he was finding ways to solve his personal problem of being overweight. After successfully solving his own problem and losing 20kg of weight, he now wishes to help others in following his steps of scientific weight loss. Jaak sees a huge potential in how genetics and other science-based approaches could help to lose weight, prevent lifestyle diseases and help millions of people in the world. As a data scientist, he also envisions how gathering daily lifestyle data together with genetics could lead to new scientific discoveries.


Taking responsibility for your health

Jaak will share a personal story about how he has made multiple health-related transformations in his life and how this has helped him to change his lifestyle completely. This journey has led him to build a genetic science-based health-tech company that aims to change the lives of millions of people in the world. He hopes that this will give inspiration to the audience to improve their lifestyle as well.