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Jane Ruffino

A content designer, UX writer and strategist

Jane Ruffino is a content designer, UX writer, strategist, and researcher based in Stockholm, Sweden. She’s been writing for digital platforms since the 1990s, and her professional experience includes documentary production, journalism, content strategy, adult education, and design practice. Jane is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator at conferences and events around Europe, and she’s completing her doctorate in the archaeology of digital worlds at Södertörn University in Stockholm.


Making the words happen: how to integrate UX writing into your work

By now, you’ve probably heard of UX writing, the practice of designing with language. If you’ve tried it yourself, or you’ve worked with writers, you’ll know you can’t just add a writer and stir; it’s an entirely separate (but related) competence. Integrating it into your work is easier said than done, starting with convincing budget holders of its value. In this talk, you’ll get an overview of UX writing, some best (and not-best) practices, and some strong, succinct arguments you can take to decision makers in your organization.


Getting the words in there: UX writing workshop

  • 26 November at 14:00
  • Zoom

Everyone is responsible for the user experience of a product, and that goes for the language, too. In this workshop, you’ll get the foundational knowledge and hands-on skills to understand, define, and actually implement product content. Whether you’re a writer who wants some new frameworks and methods, or you’re a designer, product manager, or developer who keeps getting stuck ‘doing the copy,’ you’ll come away with actionable skills you can use, alone or with your team.

You’ll learn:

  • Why and how language matters in a service
  • To define content needs and make decisions
  • How to work with colleagues and stakeholders on product language
  • Skills for writing solid, user-focused content


42.7€ with VAT

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