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Kaili Tamm

Chief Digital Officer, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Since 2021, Kaili has worked as a CDO for Estonian GCIOO. She is passionate about human-centric services. She has developed different services in different roles since 2008, both in Estonia and internationally. The most significant for her is the emergency number 112 service.

As a CDO Kaili is responsible for adopting user-friendly and human-centric public services in Estonia, for the strategy of service channels, and for providing different tools for service owners to develop user-friendly services.


User Experience and Personal Government

For the past several decades, the gradual adoption of new technologies in society and the digitalization of public services has allowed many nations to increase the efficiency and approval of public services. However, the maturity and impact of digitalization vastly differ based on how widely society has adopted new technologies and services into everyday life.

In more advanced digital societies, being digital has become an innate property of public services themselves, setting both expectations and requirements for the government to make life easier and more efficient for its citizens. Young people already expect the state to be an active party that informs its citizens about various opportunities and enables them to manage everything quickly, efficiently, and in a user-friendly way.

But the world has become more complex, and today’s social concerns and global trends force governments to rethink how to offer public services in the future