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Karin Schoefegger

Product Manager @ Google Research

Karin Schoefegger is a mathematician turned Product Manager and currently based in Berlin. She is working as a Product Manager for Google Research, after leading product development for machine learning-based products at Google Assistant, YouTube and prior to Google at various startups such as (for smarter banking) or (finding and fighting copyright violations). Karin has also spent almost 2 years living in Tallinn prior to Vienna, Paris, Zuerich, and Berlin.


Lessons learned building machine learning based products

In my talk, I share lessons learned from my own experience as a product manager applying machine learning to solve user’s problems. Machine learning-based products differ significantly from traditional products – i.e. they may not always have deterministic behavior, even produce counter-intuitive results and have different operational needs. In short: they require a different mindset and different skills.

The talk will be focused on providing practical and tactical lessons learned for building machine learning-based products. I want to enable the audience to easily build on these insights, ask the right questions, and apply the approaches to their own teams, without needing to understand the technical and scientific aspects of machine learning.