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Keit Ein

Head of Product Design,

Keit Ein is a designer with over 25 years of experience. He currently heads Product Design at Enefit, an international energy company. He co-founded the renowned Interaction Design program at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Through years of working as a designer and mentoring students, Keit has developed his distinctive view on design. He is deeply interested in helping designers, and organizations understand design and its place in product development.


Understanding User Experience and Design

The design and UX field has experienced a genuine boom in the last decade. There have probably never been as many designers as there are today, and there have never been so many different design fields and various job titles. But what unites design as a discipline? What is it at its core? What makes it unique? Understanding this uniqueness will help you better understand when and why designers deserve a seat at the table, why design methods are the way they are, and get a clearer view of your own identity as a designer.

This talk will bridge the gap between philosophical understanding and practical implications. It will take you from protons to prototypes and neurons to narratives, offering a refreshed perspective on design as a discipline.