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Kristiina Kallasmaa

Content Design Manager,

Kristiina got into digital content through technical writing almost eight years ago and then switched to UX content design full-time in 2019. Since then, her focus has been building the content design practice and writing culture in the product teams at Pipedrive, growing the content team from just herself to five people. She’s a passionate plain language advocate and believes that user research is the most important part of the design process.


Elevate your UX Research Practice with Content Design and for Content Design

Content design and user research really are a perfect match. Research-informed decisions are what elevate the content work from “just writing” to a real design discipline. In turn, content design methods can make the research process itself more efficient. In this talk, I will share some tricks I have learned and how you can nurture this union as well, regardless of whether you’re a researcher, content designer, or neither – in which case, you’ll learn something new about both!