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Lauren Alys Kelly

Behaviour Thinking Director,
BehaviourKit & Behav

Lauren Alys Kelly – Pioneering Behaviour Thinking®

At behav., I don’t just work with behaviour, I make it work for us. By blending behavioural science with hands-on design, I’ve developed a knack for turning complex behaviours into simple, effective tools and strategies. My mission? To make sure that anyone, anywhere can harness the power of behavioural insights to create better products, services, and experiences.

I have developed strategies and trained a whole range of clients, from startups to industry giants like Meta, Microsoft, PwC, EKA and more.

Oh, and when a tool proves its worth, it earns a spot in BehaviourKit — an online toolkit packed with everything you need to build behavioural confidence and put behaviour at the heart of your projects. Why not check it out?


Beyond ‘Behaviours’, Use Behavioural Traits Instead.

Session overview:
Good design starts by understanding not just who your users are, but how they behave. So how do you get behaviour right? Well, we can learn and borrow the tools, tips and insights from Behaviour Thinking. One such tool? Behaviour Trait Analysis. This talk will shift your perspective from merely noting what users do to exploring the deeper story within.

What you will learn:

  • If you are jotting down specific ‘behaviours’ within scenarios, persona, research and other tools, you are missing a much deeper and more useful story.
  • Get a clear look at how Behaviour Traits Analysis helps us see not just who users are now, but who they might become, transforming how we design for them.
  • We’ll walk through ways to overlay the different trait scenarios onto digital experiences that don’t sit still. Experiences should grow as people’s behaviour grows.

Why It matters:
Moving beyond behaviours to behavioural traits isn’t just a small tweak—it’s a fundamental shift that can dramatically improve how we design experiences. By focusing on the traits that shape user behaviour, you can create more personalised, adaptable, and effective solutions that keep users coming back… and, well, help them actually achieve their goals.

Who should attend:
If you’re dedicated to making experiences that work well for users, this talk will give you the tools you need.


Design’s Influence: Crafting Ideas that Reshape Behaviour (4h)

  • November 18, 2023 at 10:00
  • Estonian Academy of Arts, Põhja puiestee 7, Tallinn, Estonia

Session Overview:
We dive into how behavioural science isn’t just useful but essential for designers who aim to make a mark. With our handy Influence Tactics toolkit, you’ll learn to kickstart the change and keep the momentum going. Expect a playground for ideation, where we’ll mix creativity with science to change behaviour.

What to expect:

  • Two step design: Behaviour change rarely happens off one idea. It needs two different approaches. Using Spark and Sustain you will ensure your ideas spark the first step and sustain the ones afterwards.
  • Science made simpler: We will explore behavioural science—don’t worry, no heavy jargon here! Learn how Influence Tactics were born from behavioural science and together we will dig into a couple of new theories.
  • Tactics in action: Roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore, ideate and play with Influence Tactics to change behaviour. Pick up practical insights and match the right tactics to your challenges.

Why you should join:

Pretty much all design comes down to changing someone’s behaviour. Whether it’s a distracted user or a reluctant stakeholder. Learning influence from the perspective of behaviour change will always be useful.
Also, you’ll get your own set of Influence Tactics to take back to the office. That’s 56 mini guides to influence people and make it stick.

What tools/software do you need? All attendees need to bring either a laptop or phone with them.

Maximum number of participants: 21.

Workshop format: A mixture of group work and individual activity.

Duration of the workshop: 4 hours.

220 €€

268.4€ with VAT