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Lauren Kelly

Behavioural Designer and Founder at Behaviour Studio

Lauren is a Design Psychologist and Founder of Behavioural Design studio, Behaviour. Where she consults with multinational brands and startups alike to craft customer behaviour. Helping brands to get the most out of their digital products, services and experiences whilst enhancing their customer’s lives. Using a design process underpinned by behavioural science. She develops frameworks, processes and tools to transform behavioural insights into a usable asset. Demystifying the academic sciences, to bring knowledge to design teams, decision-makers and businesses. Teaching teams how to implement psychology through training and workshops. Designing behaviour, improving products and nudging people to be better.


The science of design

As humans, we are driven by our brains. Unfortunately, brains aren’t that smart.
They are lazy. Influenced by other people. And they make bad decisions all the time. How then as designers can we design products and experiences that work? We delve into the behavioural sciences and why they are a designer’s new superpower.


Behavioural Design Workshop: Understand motivation to optimise user experience.