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Madeleine Tults

UX designer,
Trinidad Wiseman


Design Futures (7 h)

  • November 19, 2024 at 10:00
  • Trinidad Wiseman Office, Brainery Room, 4th Floor, Meistri 14, Tallinn


Design Futures workshop is perfect for those who are eager to discover and seek new perspectives. This workshop employs a systemic design approach aimed at shaping a better future by encouraging immediate action. We will bring the possibilities of tomorrow into today’s reality.

The workshop is a dynamic exploration that merges fundamental principles of futures thinking with elements of design. You will gain practical skills in innovative design methods and learn how to effectively communicate foresight for real-world application and immediate impact.

What topics are covered?

Design Futures is a workshop focused on enabling participants to engage with the future through the core futures thinking methods like horizon scanning and scenario creation as well as drawing insights from experiencing the future. The course equips participants with the skills to examine potential futures, construct detailed future worlds and scenarios, and fill these settings with artifacts.

Who is it for?

The workshop is beneficial for anyone who is curious about the future and wants to learn how to think about the future systematically and combine foresight with design. It is a hands-on type of workshop and is suitable for participants who are ready to ideate and prototype with an open mind.

What tools/software do you need?

It would be good to have “office stuff” for prototyping in case some teams want to do it physically. It would be good to bring laptops/smartphones in case some teams want to make video prototypes.

What will you learn?

  • Enhance your design approach by integrating design principles with methods and tools for foresight, allowing you to detect forces of change, signals, and possible future scenarios.
  • Use evidence-based world building and user journey mapping to portray future environments, enabling you to foresee challenges, dilemmas, and prospects for the upcoming ten years.
  • Create prototypes of future world experiences to gain insights from the future and pinpoint opportunities for the development of new products, services, and offerings in the present.

Why participate?

Design futures is a discipline that stands apart from traditional design approaches by focusing not just on solving existing problems, but on exploring and questioning future possibilities. This approach is particularly valuable in a rapidly changing world where anticipating and shaping the future is as important as solving current issues.

Its unique value lies in several key areas:

  • Futures Exploration: designers and organisations are encouraged to think beyond current limitations and explore potential future technologies, societal changes, and environmental conditions. This can help in anticipating future needs and developing innovative products and services.
  • Critical Thinking: fosters critical thinking about the directions technology and society might take. It challenges assumptions and normative expectations, which can lead to more thoughtful and sustainable design choices.
  • Debate and Discussion: coming up with provocative ideas and scenarios that foster discussion about desirable, plausible, possible, or preposterous futures.

Workshop description

Design Futures is an interactive workshop where you will learn to combine futures thinking methods with design thinking and create provotypes from the future for insight and action.

Duration of the workshop

The workshop lasts 7 hours. It is divided into two sessions which each are three hours long. There will be one hour lunch break and short coffee breaks in the middle of each session.

Maximum number of participants: 25.

Workshop format: The workshop will involve group work. Therefore, tables where 4-5 people can sit around would be necessary.

220 €€

268.4€ with VAT