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Mari-Ell Mets

UX and accessibility expert @ TWN

Mari-Ell has carried out countless web accessibility audits, user testings and accessibility seminars. She constantly writes and speaks about accessibility to raise awareness and the quality of digital environments. Since the beginning of this year she has been leading the online environments team of the accessibility task force established by the Government Office.


Web accessibility – benefits, requirements and practical tips

  • 23 November at 14:00
  • zoom

Accessibility is an important part of user experience and not only makes your websites usable for more customers but is also a requirement by the European Union. Websites and apps need to be built in a way that allows as many people as possible to use them, including people with disabilities, children and the elderly. Unfortunately, most websites in Estonia are not fully accessible. In this workshop we will go over the accessibility requirements for private and public sector in Estonia and WCAG 2.1 accessibility standard. You will learn how to run essential manual checks on your website and gain practical tips on how to design, develop and maintain an accessible website or app.


42€ with VAT

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