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Mira Alhonsuo

Researcher and service designer

Mira Alhonsuo (Master of Arts) is a researcher and service designer. She has worked for multiple service design projects. She has examined research cases in healthcare services, digital services, and tourism as well as with different companies and organizations. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in the Culture-Based Service Design Doctoral Programme at the University of Lapland, focusing on health-related co-design processes, and how to bring stakeholders voices out better. Her research interests include empathy, narratives, and design methods which help to concretize abstract services, process visualization and public service development, especially in the healthcare sector.


Co-designing healthcare: design sprints as an agile way of developing services

This talk will focus on three health-related co-design sprints, which were held in Sweden, Estonia and Finland during spring 2019. It opens up design sprint processes in healthcare context, their key findings and lessons learnt. The presentation aims to inspire you to implement agile design sprint processes and methods into your own practice.