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Mischa Coster

A consultant and researcher of mediapsychology and persuasion

Mischa Coster MA MSc is a consultant, researcher and public speaker in the area of mediapsychology and persuasion. “I change how people see things” is his personal slogan. He does this by applying evidence-based and theory-inspired psychological tactics. Mischa comes highly recommended by dr. Robert Cialdini, thé international expert-scientist in consumer psychology and persuasion.

Mischa has been consulting for clients as an independent mediapsychologist (he holds two masters degrees; one in Psychology and one in European Multimedia) for over 15 years. His strong knowledge of psychological persuasion techniques, choice architecture and online (social) marketing and communication, combined with a broad experience in business consulting, make him a valued allround international public speaker and consultant on the subject. Not afraid to go in-depth or off-topic, always interactive with a strong focus on content, presentation and adding value for the audience or client.

As co-founder and director of consulting at Grey Matters, Mischa loves to work on multidisciplinary behavior change projects. Mischa founded Grey Matters with his business partner William Rice in 2009, putting focus on applied psychology. “Insight, Intervention, Inspiration” is what Grey Matters offers. Clients include various profit (T-Mobile, Rabobank, SNSREAAL, rockstart, Capgemini, Tribal, Mirabeau, Samsung, Linkedin, RTL, Rotterdam The Hague Airport eg), government (CAK, nearly all ministries) and nonprofit (NIMA, NISB, GGD eg) organizations. Mischa is also co-founder of TEDxUtrecht, Social Media Club Utrecht and expert member of the Brand Boardroom.


The psychology of behavior influence

We all know online marketing en especially usability and UX is about people. Helping people choose, getting them engaged. But also influencing and sometimes even persuading them. Persuasion is a way of getting your target audience to choose the direction that you suggest them to choose. In an authentic, honest and ethical manner, that is. Automatic behaviour, fast thinking, cognitive biases and heuristics are the psychological constructs we are now confronted with. Especially in a connected world where everything we do is being logged, measured and analyzed, we can effectively use persuasion tactics to get people to move in our direction.

UX offers extensive opportunities to use psychological tactics like social proof, priming, liking, loss aversion and labeling. During this seminar, media psychologist Mischa Coster will elaborate on those tactics and take you on a tour in the world of psychology and strategy. He will share insights on how to most effectively influence people by means of persuasive communication. And of course, he will share lots of scientific insights but also real-life examples of behaviour influence.

Participants have described Mischa’s keynotes as being ‘inspiring’, ‘world class’, ‘entertaining’, ‘science put into practice’ and ‘fascinating’.


Using psychology in your work: putting persuasion into practice (Sold out)

  • 25 November at 14:00
  • Zoom
During this workshop, Mischa Coster will guide you in the process of effectively applying psychological insights into a real-life case. His approach is based upon the evidence-based Intervention Mapping approach. Using this approach, you will systematically go through the entire process of making your design, website, e-mail or other production as persuasive as possible. From determining your behavioral goals to selecting and implementing psychological persuasion techniques; you will go through all the stages.
We will be working in small groups on real-life cases that you, the participants, bring to the table. The workshop will be a fast-paced alternation between listening to theory and tips and applying them in real life and getting feedback.
After this workshop you will have successfully gone through the entire ‘persuasion’ process and will be able to apply this process and insights in your daily practice.


42.7€ with VAT

Sold out