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Nesli Hazal Oktay

Lecturer, PhD Candidate,
Estonian Academy of Arts

Nesli Hazal Oktay is a designer-researcher and educator focusing on the impacts and interactions the emerging technologies could deliver. She holds a master’s in Interaction Design from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn and a Communications bachelor’s from the Galatasaray University in Istanbul. Since the academic year 2019/20, she is working as a visiting lecturer and also as a curriculum developer of the Interaction Design MA at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She taught several courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in Estonia, Latvia, and Denmark, and has thesis supervision experience. As a design educator, she has led several industry collaborations, and her subjects are shaped around interaction design and speculative design. While continuing her journey as a design educator, she is also studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts as a Ph.D. candidate. Her research interests include embodied, participatory, and speculative approaches to design.


Tangible and Critical Engagements with Possible Future(s) through Design Fiction

In the traditional design context, design is understood as problem-solving. Speculative design challenged this perception by proposing that design could focus on problem-finding, and design fiction as a design and research practice was introduced. This talk puts forward design fiction as a purposeful resource in the design process while supporting access to new critical perspectives.