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Olivia Holbrook

Senior Service Designer at Snook

Olivia is a service designer passionate about human-centred design and its potential to combine innovation, creativity and culture. She has experience in a variety of fields, from designing health products to working with charities, and across different design and research disciplines. Projects have taken her all over the world – from studying design in San Francisco, pitching to investors in Shenzhen, working with remote communities in Chitwan and delivering essential advice services in London. This has allowed her to understand the design process through the lens of different cultures, communities and industries, to see first hand the positive impact it can have.


Redefining usability in healthcare

Recently, there has been a change in the types of problems we are being asked to solve in our roles as designers. The challenges we face seem more complex and interconnected than ever. In this talk I discuss how this change has been impacting our design tools and processes.
The focus will be on a project with the National Healthcare Services (NHS) of England that I recently completed with the Snook team. I share how we redefined what usability means when designing health care services for the future, by looking at the broader system to help solve problems holistically. This talk will include lessons and insights from the project, while exploring the process we used to reframe the challenges they faced, to implement changes today that will benefit them in the future.