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Pärt Ojamaa

Service Designer,

Pärt works as a service designer at Nortal, bringing a diverse background to his role. He began his career as a graphic designer, later transitioned into UI/UX, and, through the integration of his visual design skills with the theoretical knowledge acquired from his MA studies in culture theory, ventured into service design. In his current position, he specializes in designing services for the public sector.

Pärt is genuinely interested in gaining a deep understanding of the people around him, even if it leads to occasional awkward pauses resulting from probing questions. He firmly believes that comprehensive communication is vital when tackling complex challenges. His dedication revolves around learning how to comprehend others and applying this understanding to craft meaningful and valuable solutions.


Shaping Public Services with Digitalization

Digitalization undeniably shapes the future of public services. Contemporary citizens now expect digital access to public services, along with intuitive and user-centric solutions, as an integral part of their daily lives.

Nortal is currently in the process of designing event-based services, which constitute another important step toward achieving a proactive public sector.

In this presentation, Pärt will share insights from the efforts to understand user perspectives. He will explore user engagement, needs assessment, and how to leverage this information for streamlined service design.