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Patrick Fagan

Behavioural Scientist,
I turn minds into money

He is a behavioural scientist with over a decade’s experience applying psychology to influencing behaviour in the real world.

He is a part-time and guest lecturer at three London universities and has published peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from Facebook psychology to facial expressions. His book on the psychology of effective marketing comms, Hooked, is published with Pearson.

He has contributed to mainstream media publications such as the BBC, The Evening Standard, and The Spectator – both for commentary and full articles – and is a frequent public speaker at events such as Talks at Google and Nudgestock.

He has consulted and run research and experiments for brands, blue chip and otherwise, across the gamut of industries for over ten years; his work has been featured in the global press. He has also worked as a behavioral scientist on political campaigns, from local to presidential, in Europe, Africa and North America.

His previous roles have included Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica, and he is now Chief Scientific Officer at behavioral science consultancy Capuchin.


The Art of Influence: Adapting UX Design for Individual Differences

Not every nudge, message, or user experience works for every audience in the same way. An extravert will want to buy the coolest brand, but an introvert might not; and never tell a disagreeable person something is popular! In this presentation, bestselling behavioural scientist will explain what ‘nudging’ is and, more importantly, how to tailor it according to your audience.



Data Psychology Masterclass (3-4h)

  • November 21, 2024 at 10:00
  • Trinidad Wiseman Office, Brainery Room, 4th Floor, Meistri 14, Tallinn

What do you know about your customers, really? You probably have data on them, but what does it really tell you?

Well, quite a lot, if you know what you’re doing. Through the power of data psychology, you can take the dry business of data and turn it into empathetic human insight, and thus sales.

In this powerful half-day workshop, including real life case studies and the latest cutting-edge research from institutions like Cambridge University, you will learn:

🧠 How to read your audience’s minds using their ‘digital DNA’;

📈 How to build predictive models and squeeze the value out of your data;

🎯 How to optimise your platform with targeted psychological nudges;

With these insights, you will increase conversion, increase retention, and increase revenue.

Learn from the master: Patrick Fagan, is a Sunday Times bestselling author in behavioural science and the former lead psychologist at Cambridge Analytica.

Maximum number of participants: 25.

Workshop format: The workshop will involve group work.


268.4€ with VAT