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Tanel Kärp

Head of Curriculum, Ineraction Design,
The Estonian Academy of Arts

Tanel is an interaction designer, consultant, educator, and the head of the Interaction Design Master’s program at the Estonian Academy of Arts. With over 20 years of experience in the field and two academic degrees in design, his career has mostly focused on digital experience design and social innovation, working with partners from all sectors of Estonia and abroad, and launching several initiatives of his own. Having taught experience design for over a decade in major universities in Estonia, a sizeable number of local practitioners have been to his courses and lectures.

As a design generalist with a clear focus on humans, technology, and sustainability, Tanel’s approach is both strategic and creative. He combines empathy building, critical thinking, and methodological know-how to help develop human and planet-friendly products, services, and systems and facilitate sustainable transformation in complex organizations.


Sustainability in Practice—Nudging sustainable behavior (3 hours)

  • November 21, 2023 at 10:00
  • Estonian Academy of Arts, Põhja puiestee 7 (room A501), Tallinn, Estonia

How (UX) designers affect human behaviour, and how we could use that knowledge to build more ethical products that help people lead more sustainable lives.

Climate change is pushing us out of our comfort zone fast. How can we, as designers, help people deal with that?

Many decisions made during a digital product’s development process have the potential to alter its users’ behaviour without them even realising it. Yet most of us are not aware of this superpower. Nor the accompanied responsibility we have. As about 80% of a product’s climate impact is decided upon during the design phase, could this be the opportunity for us to help fight the impending climate catastrophe?

This workshop is aimed at all designers = anyone having a voice in how a product works and looks like, i.e. analysts, managers, owners, architects, UX specialists, visual designers, developers, etc.

To understand where our superpower comes from, we’ll briefly cover the theoretical basics of behaviour design and examples of how it has been used for the good or the bad (dark patterns). You’ll learn about proven frameworks and tools you can start using tomorrow to both analyse and deliberately design for specific user behaviour. And you’ll put all this into practice by designing sustainable nudges into one of your products or services.

Workshop materials will be provided by the organisers.

  • Workshop length – half-day
  • Participation possible – on-site
  • Maximum participants at the workshop – 16
  • Workshop profile – lecture + group work + discussion
  • Length – 3h


264€ with VAT