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Tariq Zaman

Associate professor at UCTS Malaysia

Tariq Zaman is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Creative Multimedia at the University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) Malaysia. His academic and community outreach activities concentrate on IT and service co-design with indigenous and marginalized communities. For the last ten years, he is engaged in learning relationships with the indigenous communities in the forests of Borneo and bringing the wonders of nature back to the classroom.


Signs, material and technology: A design journey in the forests of Malaysian Borneo 

In this presentation, Tariq Zaman will share his experiences and insights of co-designing mobile technologies with indigenous communities for digitization and preservation of indigenous knowledge in Malaysian Borneo. He will reflect upon and report the outcomes of the design journey which was initiated in 2009. Dr. Zaman recognizes the fact that the representation of indigenous knowledge is transformed within the digitisation process under the limitations and capabilities of the technology, however, he also believes that a continuation of local appropriation and co-design of tools will lead to an integrated, intuitive and non-intrusive design process within the local communities.