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Thorsten Jonas

Digital Sustainability Trailblazer & Founder,
SUX Network

Founder of SUX Network & SUX Academy | Host of the SUX Podcast | Co-lead UX chapter of the W3C Sustainable Web Design Guidelines | Sustainable UX & Responsible AI Consultant.

Thorsten is Sustainable UX and Responsible AI consultant, keynote speaker and founder of the SUX Network and SUX Academy. He is guiding and teaching designers and product people, teams and companies in crafting sustainable, responsible and ethical digital products. Thorsten co-leads the UX committee for the UX chapter of the W3C Sustainable Web Design Guidelines and is the host of the SUX Podcast. His passion for the outdoors and mountaineering drives his commitment to making sustainability a fundamental aspect of user experience and digital product building.


AI in UX: Can We Be Trusted with the Magic Lamp?

AI is on the verge of fundamentally changing our work and our lives. It opens up completely new possibilities to work and create. However, we need to discuss essential questions about ethics and sustainability. This includes grasping the societal effects of AI, tackling issues like data privacy or bias in algorithms, but also dismantling the massive environmental impacts. On the other hand, doesn’t AI offer the potential to help create more sustainable, fair and ethical digital experiences? For us, the essential dilemma is not if AI should be used but how and when its application can be made ethically, sustainable, and beneficial for a better future for our projects. Because we already got our hands on the magic lamp, we still need to answer the question of whether we can be trusted with it.


Sustainability and Ethics in the Convergence of AI and UX (4h)

AI is reshaping our lives and our work as UX designers, offering innovative prospects, but also raising significant ethical and sustainability concerns. This encompasses understanding AI’s societal impact, addressing data privacy, algorithmic bias and environmental challenges, and the potential to build more sustainable digital experiences. For UX designers, the critical question isn’t whether to use AI but how and when to apply it responsibly and for good in our work.
In this workshop you will work on how to sustainably navigate the complex AI / UX intersection, ensuring adherence to ethical standards and sustainability while unleashing its potential to build more sustainable digital experiences.

Key Learnings:

  • Understanding AI’s broader Impact: How do AI technologies affect the environment & society. And why is this also a UX problem
  • Learn about the potential of AI: How might AI help to create more sustainable digital experiences
  • How to balance negative impacts and positive opportunities

Duration of the workshop: half-day

Maximum number of participants: 30-40

Workshop format: The workshop will involve group work.