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Timo Kiuru

Creative director, speaker and writer

Timo Kiuru is a marketing executive specializing in experiential design and leading creativity with almost 15 years’ experience transforming global brands. Timo helps businesses become and remain relevant though state-of- the art concepts, boundary-pushing design and authentic brand experiences.

Inspiring businesses to embrace the unknown and do something different.

The mentality of an artist is to never hold back. To create art that reveals something hidden in both the maker and the observer. By bringing this passion of an artist into design and marketing, Timo helps businesses push aside mediocrity and become truly innovative.

Timo has worked with global brands such as Samsung, SK-II, McLaren, Microsoft, Mini, The Huff Post, TheCoolHunter, Highsnobiety, Helsinki Fashion Week, Nokia, Kit and Ace and Sporty & Rich. As a result, Kiuru was awarded with a global 40 under 40 -industry award in 2016.

As a public speaker Timo Kiuru is invited to address business, corporate, government and nonprofit organizations throughout the world. Timo’s presentations are fast-paced, engaging, visually striking and thought-provoking. Timo has spoken to professional audiences in cities as diverse as Helsinki, Miami, Las Vegas, Vilnius, Riga, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Moscow, Madrid, Rotterdam, Kiev, Toronto, Stockholm and Porto.

Timo’s brand new book, THE LONELY CREATIVE – True Stories That Will Help You and Your Business Grow, is now available worldwide!

Head to TIMOKIURU.COM to find out more.


I love you too

Global creative director Timo Kiuru will explain why experiences matter now more than ever. What makes an experience extraordinary? What’s the best way to design physicality in a world of increasing digitality? How to create a lasting competitive advantage by becoming experiential? This presentation is a summary of learnings from a true practitioner of creative leadership.