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Vanessa Mateus

Senior Product Designer @ Pipedrive

Vee is an enthusiastic Senior Product Designer with +10 years experience, currently a Senior Product Designer at Pipedrive (Lisbon HQ), she’s also worked as a freelance on a per-project basis with private clients such as startups and other business owners in need of Design services.
Previously she worked at the global design agency Idean (based in London) and prior to that at AllofUs (London), working with clients such as Yale University and Google Paris. And before working in an agency setting, she worked for 4 years at Hive Home by Centrica, lead and implemented an in-house Design Team and helped to shape a truly design-led Product, which was one of her most important career challenges. She enjoys seeing other designers thrive and grow their skillset and career.


Design Sprints Fostering Creative Confidence

In today’s culture, there’s extra pressure to be a specialist, to succeed and be flawlessly good at what we do. When people come to a Design Sprint, often they feel a combination of curiosity and discomfort for various reasons, either because they aren’t sure how can it actually help, or because they have taken part in one and feel they are not creative enough. It is the job of the facilitator to create a space that encourages and fires creativity by helping to eliminate self-censorship. This talk is not going to be about how to run design sprints, although it kind of is. This talk is about the humans attending design sprints and how to unlock their creativity


How to fire up creative confidence in Design Sprints

  • 24 November at 14:00
  • Zoom

As facilitators of Design Sprints and workshops, we are responsible for the levels of creative confidence of the groups we work with. Our aim is to make sure the fears and insecurities we all share are mitigated so that we can get the most out of it. In this workshop we will learn and apply some of the concepts and techniques that help to fire up creative sprints through play, putting people at ease to be creative.

We will be working in groups via Zoom. The workshop will be a series of exercises and we will measure the levels of Creative Confidence before and after.

After this workshop, you will have successfully gone through the concepts that encourage creative confidence and will be able to apply this process and insights in your daily practice.


42€ with VAT

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