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Wanderson Jackson

Group Design Manager,

Wanderson Jackson is a Group Design Manager at Pipedrive. His position includes leading innovation projects (concepts and incubation of ideas), enabling growth in products, and contributing to scaling the design team. As a content creator with 10 years of design experience, he has worked for R&Ds and scale-ups in Brazil, and co-founded Narius, a digital product design platform in Brazil, aiming to make product design education more accessible.

As Wanderson has a background in engineering and mobile development and runs a YouTube channel dedicated to tech, design, travelling, and crypto, he has a very good understanding of how design impacts the usability of technology. Originally from Brazil, he is currently living and working in Estonia.


Cognitive biases to improve your product Design

Cognitive biases are systematic patterns that impact the way people understand information. Mixed with the individual subjective reality, cognitive biases influence people’s decision-making and shape the way we understand the context. In design, recognizing and applying cognitive biases serves as a powerful tool for leveraging visual information or text.

In this talk, Wanderson Jackson explains what are cognitive biases, how to apply them to product design, and how to use them ethically.